Since 2018, Studielektor on Choreography at Den Danske Scenekunstskole – The Danish National School of Performing Arts (DDSKS).

Dramaturge “THIS IS NOT (an act of love and resistance)” by Aina Alegre, premiere: December 2022

New work commitioned by Fira Meditarrània de Manresa: ERA per Esbart Rocasagna de Gèlida. Premiere: July 2023. Premi Delfí Colomer. 


  • Mentoring the residency process of Iver Zapata, Efe Punto+Elena Carvajal and Claudia Pages within the frame of Corriente Continua, curated and lead by La Poderosa. Feb-Mar
  •  23-24/03, MOLAR, Zamora (SP) 
  • 26/03, Impro, Malgrat de Mar (CAT)
  •  6/05, MOLAR, Sitges (CAT) 
  • 8/05-13/05, Atelier in Public Spaces, Lavanderia Vapore together with Sarah Legissa, Jessica Huber and Quim Bigas. 
  • 21/05, MOLAR, Barcelona (CAT) 
  • 02/06 MOLAR, Maò, Menorca (Illes Balears)
  • 04/06, Capdenac (FR) 
  •  12/07 MOLAR, Le Citrone Jaune (FR) 
  • 23/07, MOLAR, Resurgence Festival (FR) 
  • 1-5/08 , Solid Ground, Munich (DE) 
  • 10-13/09, Le Castrum (CH)
  • 26/09, Premiere ERA, ÉsDansa, Les Preses (CAT)  

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