Since 2018, Studielektor on Choreography Choreography at Den Danske Scenekunstskole – The Danish National School of Performing Arts (DDSKS).

  • Artist involved in the EU artistic project: Dancing Museums 2019-2021. In residency at Fundació Mirò, Barcelona. In partnership with Mercat de les Flors and Fundació Mirò.
  • Selected artist for the EU artistic project: More Than This 2019-2020. In residendy at Materiais Diversos (PT) and Rammallah Contemporary Dance Festival (PA).  In collaboration with Carlos III University/Aula de las Artes and Naves Matadero/Mateo Feijoo, Madrid. Due to the corona outbreak, some of the residencies will take place during 2021. 
  • Dramaturg: R-A-U-X-A Aina Alegre
  • Artistic development: CONCRERTO (Aina Alegre & David Wampach) and Vibrant Matter (Sophia Mage).
  • Assisting Julia Rubies Subirós “Cascade“, Éric Pons “La Por a la Pell” 
  • Co-curator “ConcaLab”, Consell Nacional de les Arts. 2021. 
  • Last production:  DV (Desplaçament Variable). Premiered: Autumn 2019. Mercat de les Flors


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