Around March 2018 Helsingør Theatre invited me to do an intervention/action on the football match between FCH and FCN inside of the Danish Main League. Through that invitation, I have engaged on an ancounter of different levels. As a way of framing the video that you will be able to see at the end of this post, I’ve had a chat with Becky Hilton  trying to go deeper on some of the interests and methods that were used for this event.
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Becky Hilton (beckyhilton64@gmail.com)

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Becky Hilton (beckyhilton64@gmail.com)


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Becky Hilton (beckyhilton64@gmail.com)

So much for professionals!

I just keep getting the error message you try again!


What do you mean? 

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Becky Hilton (beckyhilton64@gmail.com)

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Well… we can have the chat here (it’s easier to store it for me) and then we can have a Skype to scream at each other’s faces

Becky Hilton (beckyhilton64@gmail.com)



Did you watch the video?

Becky Hilton (beckyhilton64@gmail.com)

Yes, twice, when you first sent it and again just then


(btw, we will have this chat for something like 30-45 minutes and then we stop wherever we are…. in case we want to, we can close it up)

Becky Hilton (beckyhilton64@gmail.com)

ok. I was thinking a lot about conventions, about what usually happens in that place (futbol) and how you used it more as a space (dance). I have been thinking alot about the definitions of space ( the physical parameters of a defined location) and place (an area that is used for a specific pupoose so that it is emdoed with menaing for a person or group) so i was watching it through that orientation.


I’m assuming that, taking your definition of space as a paramaters of a location and place as what we make out of it…. i could also see a possible interruption of the place in order to practice another possibility for it. 

Practice within the parameters of what the same logistics of the institution of the FC Helsingor allowed me to…

Becky Hilton (beckyhilton64@gmail.com)

Yes, I suppose that would be making a sort of place practice? There is an interesting lag there in terms of the encounter (!) for you and the performers its a place of work of much enjoyment also for the spectators a place of strangeness but also enjoyment? I like making art in places art usually isn’t. Some would call it an intervention, I prefer interruption.


I also like interruption

Also because I sense that by approching it as an interruption there is something that creates “a break” and puts into question or into consideration the protocols of the places and spaces in which we are in 

Funny that it is the BREAK of a football match. I think it’s how it is call… right? 

Becky Hilton (beckyhilton64@gmail.com)

Whoops I realise am interrupting the way I do in conversation, I have to get used to the time/ing of this conversation! I am interested in the break, what you and your collaborators made is a break in ther break, a breach of the conventions but its durational. A long break. I saw this Ranciere lecture The times that we live in, he talks about intervals and interruptions as the only two kinds of time. I’ll send you the link.



Becky Hilton (beckyhilton64@gmail.com)

The other things I saw in the video were things relating to scale and to systems.

Jacques Rancière / In What Time Do We Live? / as part of the lecture series ‘The State of Things’

Jacques Rancière / In What Time Do We Live? / as part of the lecture series 'The State of Things'



It seems that the Theater n Helsingor had an interest on crossing through a place in which there is audience and a profile of people that belongs to the town but never goes to the theatre or to their activities

The task was to do wherever I wanted and to see if I could get their attention and propose a possible sensible mode that maybe they experience less through their daily, effective life

Becky Hilton (beckyhilton64@gmail.com)

I was watching the watchers. They were watching, they were attentive, they were clapping whenever the music stopped which was interesting in terms of conditioning. I think this putting of art into spaces where other things usually happen is a serious business. It can backfire but i think the material of ‘good naturedness’ was very present, the joy. I was strucjk with the entrances and exits, the ‘human’ scale that is somehow a certain clustering and how different that is ´whem futbol is played there, the different human constellations of a dance and of football.


Some people, after the interruption, could hear people asking themselves “WTF is this?” 

Also because the bodies in the field and the way they were activating, had a human element which involves possibilities of chaos in a space in which isn’t yet fully what we see… does it make sense what I’m saying? 

They had a structure which created a survival mode for a specific set of time. Failure was in the air but the action prevail and, therefore, the human element and the capacity of triggering questions on what is it that we do comes at stake. 

So, there is something in the encounter which I give lots of value to…. to ask what it does instead of what it is. 

Becky Hilton (beckyhilton64@gmail.com)

My typing is terrible. Yes, what you say makes sense. I could feel all of these encounters, a desire to meet if not to understand (is this the failure you refer to? failure to understand?)  a meeting of  everyone’s ethics/aesthetics – yours,the performers, the spectators,  the theatre, the football club. Those people fixing the pitch while the event was happening, the order of the marching band and the beautiful scruffy-ness of the teens.

It was uncertain rather than failure.

Trust uncertain things says martha Nussbaum.


Uncertain is a good word 

Becky Hilton (beckyhilton64@gmail.com)

Or maybe my current fave quote (I am making a tshirt series) is appropriate – Dirt is matter out of place. Mary Douglas


Dirt is matter out of place

Becky Hilton (beckyhilton64@gmail.com)

Yes. What do you think.


I’m thinking….

Trying to understand the sentence a bit (my english sometimes is limited)…. 

I guess it goes towards the possibility that things belongs to places? 

Becky Hilton (beckyhilton64@gmail.com)

So, I think it about otherness, uncertainty. What we think of as dirt here, in this place, is something other, some other matter in another place.  – physical substance in general, as distinct from mind and spirit; (in physics) that which occupies space and possesses rest mass, especially as distinct from energy: the structure and properties of matter.

That was a definition of matter at the end of that sentence, I sent too soon. This process is challenging my thinking/speaking/writing habits!



I’m thinking that almost everything could be a different kind of matter in another place… doesn’t it? 

There is something about placing or displacing, beloging or not belonging, and breaking those conventions that everything, indeed, belongs to something an into different spheres of space, time and matter. 

What it is now and what it’s becoming already entails different trajectories and we just cross paths and maybe affect our modes of movement

Becky Hilton (beckyhilton64@gmail.com)

Yes, I think for me that sentence sort of assists me, helps me organise my ethical relationships to a place and the people in the place as sometimes different from my aesthetic relationships to the place/people. I think I am constantly trying to reconcile these things. This is a kind of mantra (which is in Sanskrit, a sieve to shake things through) for me to understand and invite the disparities.

Yes, I love becoming as a concept and a sort of abstract ethos but in reality I am constantly trying to find attachments. I need them, I am trying to practice making them light and breakable. But I think I break them, I don’t think they transform!!!!


The etymology of transforming goes into two (now relevant) possible directions: 1.- changes the form or 2.- to form…. I’m thinking that goes relates to a certain idea of trajectory which accumulates on time and has a sense of direction and the other one is always breaking it and trying to find its new form on relation to the present in which it is….

I like the thought on thinking that when we meet we don’t transform but that we break….

That there is a capacity on the encounter to break, to pause, to lose form…

Becky Hilton (beckyhilton64@gmail.com)

sometimes I worry that it is only we, from this place of relative priveledge, that have any desire to break anything. But I enjoy a ruin of something as something to begin again on. Ruin. Is a verb – to destroy and a noun – a wreck of somethng.


Well, i think it’s depending on where are you breaking things from…. breaking stigmas or assumptions is something humans do as our mode of living and share ours modes of living. 

When I think about breaking in this context I come to think about sharing assumptions and share them as a wonder, as a possibility in order to keep finding places in where we meet. 

What is interesting about this football match experience is that, for them, what I have done was wierd. For me, it was conventional at points. 

In either ways there has being a literal break but also a metaphorical break…. what did it happen? what did it do to me? what does it trigger?  

Becky Hilton (beckyhilton64@gmail.com)

Explain that to me some more. Who is sharing which assumptions. Oh you just answered that. I am enjoying the future and the past in this method. The prersent is weird though.


and maybe is nothing but maybe there is something. 

I actually think that the break (the dissensus if we go back to Ranciere) happens on those breaks of circulation and norms. Nevertheless, I just especulate on that possibility because the reality is that I was hired to do the break of the football match. 

Becky Hilton (beckyhilton64@gmail.com)

I think it did the things you think it did. The break in time, in tradition, the strangeness, the people going home and saying they saw a weird thing today at the football. I want to ask you a bit about the way you worked with the performers. It seemed that in a way you worked with their conventions (maybe I mean their desires but maybe they are conventions) in terms of the material, but I could feel yours also? In the absurdity, the familiar with a twist, it had a rlow fi elationship to Beyonce’s halftime show at the superbowl or Coachella (!!!!!) i mean marching bands, acrobatics but  it also had classic throwing and catching following the leader etc contemprary dance practices. Very American somehow? What do you think of that?


I was tempted to tell you to leave it here for today and to go for one more round at some point next week. Nevertheless, I will answer to you questions

If I can

Well, I’m having the premise that there is a capitalist practice which is based on entertainment. In that level, there is something about eficcency of the event that came to my mind at points during the process. 

I have worked with the groups in different times and just the same day of the interruption we’ve made all of us 


Before, everything was scattered and extremely especulative (as it end up being) 

I would have: a group of hip hop people, a group of cheerleaders, a marching band and few dancers ….

The material was generated a bit taking into consideration where they wanted to be (hip hop dancers, cheerleaders…) but yet also taking into consideration that they are teenagers. And yes. Sometimes, if we take into consideration how they perfom themselves, it is not the same thing. 

Becky Hilton (beckyhilton64@gmail.com)

And we are back to questions of time.


Then, I’ve had this wish to introduce elements from ballet. Therefore, I added into soundtrack of the thing one of the scores of “Paquita” and mashed it with “Titanium” which is a very pop song by SIA

and always was trying to introudce elements which are part of the dance environment in order to propouse a movement that was proposing a movement and a body that know i don’t know how to describe

Many of my thoughts were based on seeking for a sensitive approach to the thing. For that, representation modes were very present during my process. This is what I’m realizing now.  

Time has being all over part of it…. we’ve had 10 minutes, I’ve had a very clear timing of rehearsal, etc…

I wanted to be fun for everyone but yet that we could trigger some questions and open possibilities of breaks in places such as a football match

Becky Hilton (beckyhilton64@gmail.com)

Was it fun for you?



I’ve realized I end up doing something which is very close to some of my recent interests

Interruption, Displacement, Structures, …


Becky Hilton (beckyhilton64@gmail.com)

Will you keep doing it? I think exactly these kind of in public multiplicity of subjectivities projects could change the world if they had a kind of existence beyond the ‘one off’. What would happen if a community based practice was halftime entertainment for a year? It would produce a whole new convention for someone else to break! I could actually do this all day but I have to go Quim.


Becky, we should stop for today. And what would be great is that we can chat some other day and keep going with this conversation. So, we leave things rest a bit and come back to it. What do u think about that?

that’s what i was going to day


Becky Hilton (beckyhilton64@gmail.com)

I hate that term community based practice – everybody in the world is constantly practicing being based in a community – but you know what i mean. Yes, very good to talk about things with you Quim. Until next week. hasta luego.



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