DESIST: this is what these theses are

Desist: this is what these theses are

A conversation between a place I have not been in and the possibility of things to be. To desist. To suspend. To offer spaces in which certain presences can offer a reformulation and a different sphere from where to sense from. This is what these theses are.

During the BAD HOUSE festival, some platforms on public spaces will be offered. These platforms are triggers and scores that support and suspend the circulation of the public space. It is an offering to dance and movement with the gaze and the senses. A closer look and a look from afar. To see and to be found. 

Be where you are.
Give space.
Give space to the place to unfold again and not be defined. Space to discover and to be absorbed.

The project is an invitation made by Quim Bigas with the presence in Helsinki of Mikko Niemistö, the support on the graphics by Raquel Tomàs, the tracks by Pau Matas and the accompainment of Anna Bohigas and BAD HOUSE festival.

Exposed between the 15th and 25th of April at Asbestos Art Space and spilling over Helsinki.

Pic by: Saara Autere
Pic by Saara Autere

Audios part of the exhibition here and here

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