La Visiva / Cicle Lupa - Quim Bigas ©Tristan Perez-Martin
Picture by Tristán Pérez-Martin

During the last years Quim has facilitate technical classes and sessions at Copenhagen Contemporary Dance School,  Descalzinha Danza (Madrid), Profesional training at DanseHallerne (Copenhagen), European Dancehouse Network, Dance House Leftkosia- Cyprus, Apropa Dansa Catalunya, Festival Sismògraf-Olot, La Visiva-Lupa (Barcelona), Festival INTACTO (Vitoria), Art Directors Club of Graphic Design, Catalan Council of the Arts, Tanzwerkstaat Europa (Munich-Germany) and University of Copenhagen – department of dance and theatre studies. 

Academic Committe at “Congreso Internacional de Filosofía de la Danza ” Madrid, 2019. 

Mentor of the Resident Artist at Dancehouse Leftkosia, Cyprus, 2016-2019. 

Following up the projects of Helena and Julia Martos, Magí Serra, Aina Alegre, Éric Pons, Júlia Rubies, Sophia Mage and Lucía Jaén. 

Since 2018, member of the faculty at the Den Danske Scenekunst Skolen as a study lector on Choreography.  

Co-curator of CONCALAB.

Developing and facilitatting a didactic unit for the European Project Map to the stars. 

Some past workshops:

“Entrar-se archivo, La Porta 1992-2012”, Ciclo Hacer Historia(s), La Poderosa, Barcelona, 2019.

“Fusionar-se i altres amagatalls possibles” a workshop for kids and families. More info (ENG/CAT/CAST) at web Mercat de les Flors.

“From Z to      and from   to the further left corner and everything in between” Description ENG here

“De Z a        i de      a la cantonada dreta (i tot allò entremig)” Description CAT here

“RE-“ Description ESP here

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