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SHOWING GODIVA. An study on pleasure and performing. Project in residency at Laboratoriscenen, El Graner, Spot On-Choreographical Platform and Antic Teatre.

  • Showing Godiva/The other body or/and Lights in Lichtkleid. A 50 minutes piece around and away the relation between voyeurism and exhibitionism in a performative space. Antic Teatre/Barcelona. March 2013 Also present in Espacio DT/Madrid. December 2013.
  • Resident Choreographer at SPOT ON-Choreographic´s platform 2013- København. Produced by: DanseHallerne. February 2013.
  • Showing Godiva/Livestream. One month livestream on avoiding and facing the inner and outer wishes, Forsøgsstationen- Copenhagen. August, 2012.
  • Showing Godiva/ “Apunts sobre el meu diari de Showing Godiva”, selected at In-Formales/ La Poderosa, Barcelona. November 2010. Curated by: Las Santas. Also showed in Laboratoriscenen/Copenhagen 2010 and School of the Arts/Amsterdam 2011.
  • Showing Godiva/ Video-Dance “Peeping Godiva”.Instrumentalisation of a rehearsal just for the sake of pleasure. Available just in Internet.

concept by Quim Bigas Bassart with the support of Inés Lambisto

light: Kristine Hamann (Spot on-Copenhagen), Joana Serra (The Other Body or/and Lights in Lichtkleid)

The Other Body or/and Lights in Lichtkleid

The project has provided a research base from which I could question and define my own role as a performer and creator, and it centres on the relation established between exhibitionism and voyeurism within a perfomance space.
Inspired by people and events such as: Vanessa Beecroft, Peter Berlin, Barbarella, ManRoulette, Yves Klein and Giorgio Agamben, among others, I invite you into a space where the direction of the gaze is of primary importance.

“Quim has created a piece in which the roles of spectator and performer become visible and relevant, where the layers of personality and body are revealed one by one, where we become aware of the cruelty in our gaze ….”



SHOWING GODIVA. Una investigación a cerca del placer i el acto de actuar. Proyecto en residencia en Laboratoriscenen, El Graner, Spot On-Plataforma Coreográfica y Antic Teatre.

  • Showing Godiva/El otro cuerpo y/o Luces en Lichtkleid Una pieza de 50 minutos aproximada y alejada en la relación entre el voyeurismo y el exhibicionismo en espacios performativos o escénicos.  Antic Teatre/Barcelona. Marzo 2013 También presente en Espacio DT/Madrid. Diciembre 2013.
  • Coreográfo en residencia en SPOT ON-Choreographic´s platform 2013- København. Produced by: DanseHallerne. Febrero 2013.
  • Showing Godiva/Livestream. Un mes en livestream en ignorar y encarar los deseos internos y extenos.  Forsøgsstationen- Copenhagen. Agosto, 2012.
  • Showing Godiva/ “Apunts sobre el meu diari de Showing Godiva”, en In-Formales/ La Poderosa, Barcelona. Noviembre 2010. También presente en Laboratoriscenen/Copenhagen 2010 y Escuela de las artes/Amsterdam 2011.
  • Showing Godiva/ Video-Dance “Peeping Godiva”.Instrumentalización de un ensayo solo por placer. Perdido en Internet.

El Otro Cuerpo y/o Luces en Lichtkleid.

Una voz que perturba y que provoca. Un diálogo entre voz y cuerpo que convierte toda provocación en una acción introspectiva. La aparente frivolidad inicial va dando paso a las seductoras capas que componen la pieza, estratos invisibles que acaban revelando y desnudando al intérprete y al público a su vez. Desde el inicio, el espectador es invitado a participar de este thriller que indaga sobre la esencia del espectáculo.

“Un trabajo donde los roles del espectador y el intérprete se hacen visibles y relevantes, donde no dejamos de percibir el striptease de las capas personales y carnales, donde hay una conciencia constante de la crueldad a través de la mirada” Espectador anónimo

picture by:
picture by:

20 minutes at DT Espacio Escenico/Madrid:



Report for Forsøgsstationen after the month period at their space. Click here for the full report

How much the watchers can be aware of their own role and fascinations? How to bring inputs to
the audience in order that they constantly create a performative space? How to find a movement
that is constantly inviting to be watch? Is it possible, as a maker and performer, to constantly be
able to control the situation?”

The first I have done when I got in the studio, is to get into ManRoulette ( a chat roulette for “gay” man) and
be around for a while. ( For those who does not know, Chatroulette and Manroulette are websites where you
will find random people with their cam and, perhaps, you will chat with one of those. When you enter the
website, you activate your own cam and, after that, you will see a random person in the screen above. If you
are interested in that person you can chat or do stuff with the cam. If you are not, you click NEXT and
another random person will appear. You can do this action, as much as you want.) I have thought that lots
of the guys that goes there it is because, in fact, they are in love for their own cocks! It becomes some kind
of self masturbation, but at the same time they really need to know that they are being watch by somebody
that looks appealing to them. I connect this kind of approach with so many choreographers and dancers I

Even though, I am not constantly producing material, for sure everything I do is an answer to the work
environment I have created in this room. I can sense the resonance of everything I do during the process.
So far, nothing is irrelevant, because everything creates consequences.

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