The list/La Llista

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“The list” is a recital on time and accumulation. During the proposal, there will be an enumeration of words and movements in order to empower a divergence of connections and meanings inside the personal and the social space. Therefore, “The list” is a potential place of encounter…

within an individual and the common place,

within some words and our own memories,

within value and disregard,

within uncut pieces,

within us,

within the said and the unsaid,

within past and future within this present,

within affection and within touching or being touched,

within letters,

within the walls and beyond them,

within dance and invocation,

within storytelling,

within families and communities,

within theatre and the experiences as spectator,

within me and you,

within us and we,

within us and the sky above us,

within the words in these texts and the words in other texts,

within them,

within their poems,

within the action happening,

within the within…


The list is a proposal by Quim Bigas Bassart

With the dramaturgical support of Raquel Tomàs

The production of Anna Bohigas

And the contribution of several people and things.

Thanks to Dancehouse Leftkosia and Ajuntament de Malgrat de Mar


Aquest treball contextual i escènic, recita una llista de petites coses i grans coses com una forma de generar un petit terreny comú ple de potències. Durant la duració d’aquesta proposta, el cos desencadena un llistat de possibilitats com a disparadors per activar formes d’entendre la manera en com ens compartim i donem valor a certes coses. D’aquesta manera, la llista és una manera de trobar-nos dintre d’un univers individual i en comú que ens possibilita l’afecte, lo sensible i la capacitat de tocar-nos.

Idea i execució: Quim Bigas.

Suport dramatúrgic: Raquel Tomàs.

Consultora tècnica: Joana Serra.

Producció: Anna Bohigas.

Amb l’agraïment i la participació de persones i coses.

Gràcies a Dancehouse Leftkosia i Ajuntament de Malgrat de Mar.



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