Conference How to make dance relevant 4 · Analysis of best practices ·

25 cases were included in a catalogue that might face, in one way or the other, the topic of relevance in dance. Then, 25 cases talks implicitly about their way of dealing with a certain urgency with dance as one of its main agents. 25 cases are talking implicitly about institutions, responsibility and relevancy in very distinctive ways. Despite all, perhaps it’s interesting to look at the commonality of those projects and less on the singularity of those.

Being invited by the European Dancehouse Network and independent agents Mònica Pérez and Steriani Tsintziloni, I attempted to lead a session that had as a main focus the analysis and the indexation of the information that each of the cases were given. By the use of quantitative methods, we might be able to talk about the relation between those projects and the current dance policies in Europe. The session was meant to exist through an accumulation of questions as well as pointing out how the representative aspects of those cases might be playing a crucial role in the way we activate in the European dance scene.  By seeing what those cases generate in common, maybe we can…. Read more here.

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