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Idea, Make and Perform by Alice Pons and Quim Bigas

Advisers: Cristina Blanco, Sofia Asencio and Tomàs Aragay.

with the support of: School of New Dance Development-Amsterdam, Adriantic/Antic Teatre Barcelona and Mapa/Cel·lula Pontós.

Trudge by Alice Pons and Quim Bigas

We are all here because something happened. This did not happen out of nowhere. These are the consequences of what we have done to our time, our objects and our hope. A lack of precedent. We are taking part in the slow process of decomposition and disappearance . Constant forgetting. Perhaps the most important is to find out where this absent present is leading us. Maybe to only a state of ….

We are all here because we want something to happen.

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Passport: QuimAlice


Quim (as and answer of Alice)

Information kill us long time ago.

We heard songs of hope and speeches of hope like we heard that there has been a bomb somewhere we can not place in the map at first sight. We don’t heard.

We have being able to select memory in such a way that we don’t even need to commit to a present. Aniway, everything is fucked up. We screwed it up.

There are thousand of texts and essays and movies talking about the human stupidity, but it will never be as clear as being present and watching tv, people passing by, people not expressing their opinions but only the opinions of the others… and with all this we’s we arrive at a point that we don’t know anymore if the we’s are the two performances in front of you or if they are also talking about you.

One of the things that we have more clear is thatwe keep going forward. Because we are build up by little and big and huge objectives that helps us to keep forward. But bit by bit, we can also sense that the reason to keep moving on are each time more narrow, each more restricted, each time more meaningfull… There is a paradox in the living the moment and the fact that we are doing it because after it will happen something. And objective will be acomplish, even if it is the one of arriving home and knowing that you had fun and enjoyed it, even if it’s to get that drug that you like so much,… even if it is by having clear and be aware that another day had passed by and that you survive it as you could.

And here we are. Absently present, thinking that the best reality is the one that we are questioning through our thoughts. Being the representation of what we have seen and bring it to a place where it can become a platform to engage again with reality or a place where to imagine and dream that another way of understanding it is possible. Projecting our wishes and expectations by finding out that, each time we have less and less in our sorround and that, at the same time, has more and more and it is leading us towards a total destruction of what we know now as the only reality we have.

This did not happen out of nowhere. This is the consequences of the used we have done to our time, our objects and our hope.

We are here because something happen before. We don’t know exactly what and to find out might be a waste of time. The most important, somehow, is to find out where this absent present is leading us. Maybe to only a state of ….



We are two pathetic people. /  We are dreaming of a time that was or that will. This time never existed, this time is just a cloud of other realities. We want to think that we belong to theses realities./ We are the rotten revolutionar of our generation, constantly juggling but our balls are desesperatly falling over and over. / We are two sad clowns; Two loosers with big shoes on. We beleive in nothing, so we beleive in everything. We are two pathetic soldier for life. Two clumsy bastard trying to walk on a cotton world / We are misplaced angels / We don’t know why we are here / We have nothing to say; Our life is a constant failure / We want to fly, We want to catch the moon.We will never make it allthough we will try until we die. / We close our eyes because we dont want to see what is right in front of us / We waste our time

We are wasted.

We will drink.

Until the end.


I can see two colors / The binary. The constant binary of allways being something specfic. Being a fucking color all the time, being just one word all the time… / If I drink alcohol in the stage and then I dance, I’m alcoholic If I dance in the stage, I’m a dancer./ I can see two person never commiting to one word but to many… We are grey and is totally fine, we are orange, we are doubtful, we are non committed… We are in between the borders, in between anywhere, we don’t want to move…/ We used whatever is in our hands just to destroy what we have created, because since we are born the 9999999999 amount of stamps that we got are opressing us.

We are corpse.

The whole amount of information killed us long time ago.

Neutrality is the contemporary state of the new generations.

So, what I said can be destroy after I wrote it.



Trudge de Alice Pons y Quim Bigas

Estamos todos aquí porque algo ha ocurrido. Esto no ha ocurrido de la nada. Estas son las consecuencias de lo que hemos hecho con nuestro tiempo, nuestros objetos y nuestra esperanza. Una falta de precedente. Formamos parte del lento proceso de descomposición y desaparición. Constante olvidar. A lo mejor, lo más importante es intentar descubrir donde esta presencia ausente nos lleva. Puede que a sólo un estado de…

Estamos todo aquí porque queremos que ocurra algo.

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